Temitayo Wolff ‘19.5

This day was very cold and I was very stressed. 

Major: Classical Languages and Literature

Concentration: Linguistics

Hometown: Washington, DC

Vivero Project: Archiving the BCC

Temitayo Trivia:

I live in Food House, also known as the Pine Tree House.  Stop by sometime for a meal and good company!

I work in the basement of Burling Library.  It’s cold down there for optimal preservation conditions, so always bring a sweater if you are visiting the library Special Collections or the Print Room.

When I leave Grinnell, I intend to take a really long nap (and then pursue a master’s degree in library and information science.)

I have a pet rabbit back home named Ginger.  She looks like the rabbits you may see around campus, but she’s a little bigger because we spoil her.

I don’t have a nickname and I don’t want one.