Project Brainstorming

Project Matching/Brainstorming Activity
Wednesday afternoon, 2-3pm


Part 1- Overview of new projects

Download the project description slides from

Part 2-Small group brainstorming

Form a group of 2, and select one of the projects listed below.

Read and briefly discuss the project description, and use the note-taking links provided above to address the following questions:

  • What type of data? Where is it, and what condition is it in?
  • What are the research questions, or research topics?
  • What types of technology will be needed, or what types of technology could be useful?
  • Who is the audience for this project?
  • What do you find interesting about this project?
  • What questions do you have about this project?

After 10 minutes, swap projects with another group, and complete the same process for the other four projects, with the following goals:

  • Addressing each question for each project.
  • Commenting on or responding to notes others have made
Part 3-Large group recap

Each small group will provide a brief (2 minute) recap of the last project they were working on, and one of the co-leads will add notes to the white board.

Part 4-Upvoting project interests

Take 5 minutes to reflect on project descriptions and review the group notes. Each fellow has 3 votes (represented by 3 post-it notes)

Write your first name on each post-it note, and place it on the whiteboard.

You are free to distribute those votes in any way you like–all three on one project, one vote for three different projects, etc.

Part 5-Reflection

Part of the 4-5pm reflection will include time for individual response and reflection on what projects you find interesting or compelling, and what role you see yourself playing in a potential project.

The Vivero co-leads will look at reflections and upvotes to determine project pairings.