Vivero Digital Scholarship Fellows Bootcamp 2018

  • Location: DLab (Forum) unless otherwise specified
  • August 20-24, 9am-12pm, 1-5pm
  • August 21, 12-2pm: Lunch w/ Dr. Michelle Moravec
  • All other meals will be on your own in the Dining Hall

Who are your fearless co-leaders? Find out here.

Where can you take group notes? On the OneDrive documents we’ve set up for:

Questions? Ideas? Let us know. Activities are subject to change as need arises.

What you’ll be responsible for doing each day:
• Participating
• Reflecting
• Documenting
• Reading
• Asking questions, keeping track of ideas

9Welcome, overview, getting to know you
10What is a digital humanities project?:
Link to examples
11Jarrett Drake: "Documenting Dissent in the College Archive"
1-2:30Intro to metadata: meet in Burling Library Special Collections
2:30-4Intro to Omeka via CSV upload
4Reflection/ documentation/ read/ work on own
Reading for tomorrowReview guest expert Dr. Michelle Moravec’s website
Morgan: The Consequences of Framing Digital Humanities Tools as Easy to Use
Battershill, Shavely, Southworth & Gordon: Collaborative Modernisms

9-12Introduction to textual analysis with Dr. Moravec
2-4Workshop with Dr. Moravec
4Reflection/ documentation/ read/ work on own
Reading for tomorrowD’Ignazio & Klein: Feminist Data Visualization

9Debrief week so far
9:30-12Intro to data visualization
1-3Visualize Vivero data
3-4Collaboration: what is it?
4Reflection/ documentation/ read/ work on own
Reading for tomorrowRichards: Maps: Are They Instruments of Power?

9:30-12Intro to mapping & spatial analysis
1-2Documentation as collaboration & generally good practice w/ Dr. Caleb Elfenbein
2-4Developing a cohort charter (see link under 2018 Fellows)
4Reflection/ documentation/ read/ work on own
Reading for tomorrowHow to do your job when you don't know how to do your job (Carleton College)

9-12Your first three hours as a fully-fledged Vivero Fellow (don't worry, we have a tutorial)
1:15Return from lunch so you aren't late for
1:30-3:30Communication Workshop with Chinyere Ukabiala, Grinnell College Ombudsperson
3:30Finish charter if needed, next steps & defensive calendaring