Developing a Charter

What is a charter?

Bethany Nowviskie: Charter-ing a path

What is ethical collaboration?

Vivero Cohort 2017 Charter

We, Vivero Scholars of Grinnell, came together from August 14th to August 18th in 2017 for a digital humanities boot camp organized by Professor Carolyn Lewis and Professor Elizabeth Rodrigues. Over the course of this week, we discussed, exchanged, and collectively reflected upon the digital humanities and learned various skills that might aid us in our journey on the path we have chosen to undertake. We propose to hold ourselves accountable by following the guidelines outlined in this manifesto: 


Adventurous learning: 

  • We will strive to develop the skills we need to be productive members of the digital humanities community.  
  • We will stay conscious of the interdisciplinary nature of the digital humanities. There are always multiple perspectives to approach a task, and it will serve us well to stay open to all perspectives. 
  • We will strive to diversify the content, methods, and practitioners of community of digital scholarship. Nuanced scholarship arises from diversity in all these areas. 
  • We will be prepared to try different techniques and allow for room to make mistakes and take risks. 


Collaborative learning: 

  • We will strive to communicate effectively with each other by consistently updating documentation, and being appropriately detailed in that regard. 
  • We will respect and show kindness to one another. This will ensure that we are all comfortable enough to ask questions and learn effectively.  
  • We will be flexible in our work. We will strive to accommodate each other’s schedules, and be patient when tools don’t work the way we expect them to. 
  • We will be interdependent on each other. We will pursue a balance between working individually and collaborating with others. We will help each other when in need and not hesitate in seeking help from others. 
  • We will manage conflict by reconciling the discrepancy to the maximum degree. We will discuss openly the disagreement and figure out a solution together. 
  • We will collaborate with faculty and staff. We will get recognition for our work both as individuals and as a team. We will make sure that each member receives credit for their work, in all appropriate ways. 


Sharing the knowledge: 

  • We will actively seek out opportunities to connect and share our work with the larger digital liberal arts community  
  • In presentation and publishing our works, we will strive to be fully aware of the accessibility to different groups of audience. 
  • In presentation and publishing our works, we will be intentional about sharing the limitation and potential bias of our study and data source.  
  • We will keep clear and detailed documentation of the projects as a useful reference and resources for the future cohorts. 


Some of the language and formatting was taken from an existing digital humanities manifesto that can be found here : Manifesto for the Digital Humanities 

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